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It breaks my heart

Either Pandora doesn’t realize that Regina Spektor has written more than one song, or it doesn’t think I’d like any of her other songs. The one song it keeps giving me of hers (mostly from my indie rock stations– Metric, Stars, the Ting Tings… are the TTs “indie” anymore?) is FIDELITY.

Now, anyone who knows anything about Ms. Spektor can tell me that Fidelity is her most overplayed song by far, and likely not her best. I cannot help but continually apply my palm to my forehead over the fact that of all the songs Pandora could beat me senseless with, it could “Fidelity.” It breaks my heart.

Other things that bemuse me include bands that used to be mainstream and have since gone Christian. Not that I have a problem with Christian rock, I can actually name several Christian rock artists I like to listen to (though, I admit I would’ve never been introduced to them without my mother’s side of the family. My Dad’s side? We just do the Hora. And then listen to Hendrix). Said Christian rock artists include Nichole Nordeman, Natalie Grant and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Granted, Chapman can get kind of preachy, but Nordeman is one of the most talented song writer’s I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. Many of her songs do not actually refer to God or Jesus specifically and that leaves them open for interpretation to those who aren’t otherwise aware it’s all God-talk. Of course, most of Nichole Nordeman songs are about people, not religion. Songs I suggest checking out by her include, “Gratitude” (though this one obviously addresses God, I think it has an excellent message and this song has been known to make me cry on occassion) and “Wide Eyed” (which does refer to Jesus, though not by name– what is with my examples?– but is about the hypocrisy of dismissing outcasts even though Jesus himself was one).

Considering that many Christian Rock songs don’t refer to God directly, it’s easy to see how a Pop Rock group could make a seamless transition– it’s just that now all the “he”s in the song are about God and not that cute boy with the locker next to yours.

Who remembers the movie “She’s All That”? Folks in my age range (d.o.b. 1985) probably will, despite the fact that there were a thousand other teen movies out at the same with roughly the same premises. Cool guy takes a bet that he can make awkward girl the prom queen and they eventually fall in love. Now, if you know what movie I’m talking about, I’m sure the song “Kiss Me” pops to mind. What band did that song again? That’s right, Sixpence None the Richer.

Since there hay-day of “Kiss Me” and “There She Goes,” Sixpence broke up, got back together and put out the album “Divine Discontent,” that includes more than a few Godly references. Not that I’m criticizing the band decision to go Christian, just wondering why? I know Jewel originally wanted to do Christian Rock, and I hear tell that Avril Lavigne wanted to be a country star before she became the punk princess, but why change genres mid-career? Especially to move from a broader genre to a much more exclusive one?

Well, after all this I think I need a change from indie rock for a while. I’m feeling… Pink Floyd.