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A music ho is born

I might as well be honest.  When it comes to music, I’m a ho.  This week the Fray might be my go-to group, but come Monday morning I’m not returning their phone calls because I’m fooling around with Lily Allen.  As soon as I get into Common’s pants, my thoughts wander to Atmosphere, Lupe Fiasco and Murs.  My taste in music, like my taste in lovers, is wildly eclectic.  The only things I can’t stand listening to are, specifically: honky-tonk country, gansta rap and disc jockeys.

My father raised me on the music of his 1960s-70s youth and I was a bubbly fan of the 1990s.  I marched around the living room to “Yellow Submarine” when I was four and when I was ten I listened to the Spice Girls—I even bought SG lollipops and saw their movie. I danced many a Macarena and got down Big Willie Style.  And then there was Napster.  The digitalization of music drastically changed the way music was (and is) listened to, but innovations such as the Music Genome Project (aka Pandora Radio) have become gateways for music junkies like me: I punch in a favorite group and find five more I love and never knew about.

I try to keep my listening habits traditional.  I only have a tape-deck and a radio in my car and, yes, I still listen to FM radio.  The tape-deck is useful since I have a tape adapter for my iRiver (yeah, it’s an MP3 player and it’s not an Apple product), which also works with the CD player.  Compact discs are my preferred listening method.  I grew up with them and I miss the ritual of buying a new disc, listening to it relentlessly on my stereo for weeks and learning every song forward and backward before I finally filed it away.  I suppose vinyl would be my medium of choice if I had a turn table and could afford a vinyl collection.  Vinyl has a reverence that discs don’t.

I made an art of mixed CDs when I was a teenager.  I still have many of them and periodically in enjoy them when I’m not too busy laughing at myself.  To be fair, I still make playlists, but they’re out of control with the 80-minute limitation a CD presented.  I also have a considerable compact disc collection that I lug around in a 220 capacity case that’s been christened the “iSchlep.”

Oh, but what about me as a musician?

I became a classically trained flutist and vocalist mostly by choice (I wanted to learn and all public schools teach is Western Classical theory), but I want to play jazz (hopefully with an alto flute for starters) and learn to improv.  They never teach flutists to improvise.  I’m also a band geek, love to march and wish I played an instrument they had in Drum Corps, damnit!

I compose music in a variety of ways.  Sometimes with a pencil, a tuner and a piece of staff paper, sometimes electronically, sometimes with a flute or a piano at hand, and sometimes by humming into a recorder.  I asked my composition teacher for some better methods freshman year of college, but he had none to offer.  I also write lyrics too, but never for the music or vise versa.  It’s very strange.  I keep wondering if I can’t remedy that.

Besides music, I also love to write, read, and take photographs.  With more free time on hands suddenly, writing about music seemed like a good idea to fill the void.  If I can work photography into this somehow, I’m set.

What else is there to know? I currently live in Boston with an aptly named cat, Nero.  I’m 23 and I still have so much left to learn.  Not to mention listen to.